GP- GABI PERETTO is “stationery & bag” brand based in Hong Kong. Was founded by the italian architect Gabi Peretto and chinese entrepreneur Nancy Lee. A kind of trademark typical of Milan tradition, focused on the production of objects from stationery to lamps and especially luggage.

The idea is to produce a series of unique classic product, that mach, new design, production technology and best material. The project is to create timeless objects, always interesting and modern. Object not easily to be outmoded but evergreen.”

Original design for new classic.”

Gabi Peretto is an Italian architect, from Milan. Mainly dedicated to industrial design. He started working with Andrea Branzi Architect. In Italy he founded the brand Omikron Design. Amid his work we can find product designed for European and Asian brands. As FONTANA ARTE, LUCITALIA, DANESE, NEMO CASSINA, OMIKRON DESIGN, AXIS71, LEADER.

The design of Gabi Peretto in different sectors is focused on aesthetics not conditioned by the function. The idea is to find new forms, with an aspiration metaphysical research timeless design. His instruments are the use of different aesthetic languages like mainly minimal compositions, geometric shape or neo plasticism.

In Hong Kong with Nancy Lin established his own brand of “stationery and bag” , a typical kind of Milan tradition, focused on design from the office to the lamps and especially the luggage. The mark GP GABI PERETTO has a strong Asian design influence,this aspect is part of the brand spirit. The Asian footprint is present in: the choices minimal zen (chan), not colorful, raw materials, also in the balance of contrasts according to a yin / yang vision (black and white, tradition and revolution, orthogonal and distortion, darkness vs. light). GP Gabi Peretto, start in Hong Kong, is the result as the union of different cultures ITALY and CHINA. This reflects the character of this city: a huge Asian metropolis with European flavor.